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I specialize in Advanced Pendulum & Emotion Energy Healing.

Hi! My name is Andie, I am the owner of Inspired Hearts and I'd like to thank you for taking time to check out my website! I am a Pendulum Healing Master and incorporate their high energy frequencies into all my Alchemy sessions. My other modalities include, Archangel Life coaching, Energy Awakening, Angel Reiki, Advanced Pendulum Healing and Emotion Energy Healing. These last 2 modalities have been real game changers for me. They are extremely powerful, effective and divine! 

Each session is customized to your specific needs. I use a variety of modalities best suited to optimize your well being and to help smooth your path as you navigate your life's journey. Each modality can stand alone

in a session or be combined as required. (You can check out the list below for details on each of these amazing modalities!) I offer sessions in the privacy of your home or at Hooked on Holistics store in Stoney Creek.








Advanced Pendulum Healing I have a large selection of pendulums that have been designed to tune into specialized frequencies. These frequencies include the colour spectrum including those not visible to the naked eye, angelic frequencies, Magdalene Energies, Reiki and The Medicine Buddha. I use a dowsing pendulum to connect to you energy and highest self to determine what pendulum is needed and in the case of the Universal and Angelic Pendulum what settings are called for. Again depending on the pendulum in use I also use oracle cards to customize colour frequency and Archangel presence.  

You can listen to my radio interview about Advanced Pendulum Healing here

Emotion Energy Healing is an amazing modality that uses pendulums and magnets to identify and release various trapped emotions that can be negatively impacting your life. These pendulums are great at removing negative energies of all kinds, including karma, miasms, attachments, contracts, curses, hexes and more!

I also use my advanced pendulums as guided to help balance and assist in the emotion release. This is really a powerful modality and one of my favorites! 

Tarot and Oracle card readings help us connect to our higher selves and offer guidance on the situations that are occuring in our

everyday life! I am also available for parties, contact me for more details!

As well as doing energy work on people I also love to work with animals. Animals take to energy work very easily and often display improvements very quickly! (I am also a professional dog trainer and am happy to help with puppy problems and behavioural issues in the same session or separately.)






Client Comments

"The emotions released were spot on and the support pendulums really helped me move through the processing with ease!"

"I've never had results like this from an energy session before! Amazing! Thank you!"

"A sense of calmness has overcome me!"

"The pain in my jaw disappeared!"

"The stress isn't getting to me in the same way!"

"Those pendulums are amazing!"

"I'm blown away by how powerful that was!"

"I feel much calmer and less stressed!"

"I feel more optimistic and mentally capable. I'm finding excitement in life again!"

"I am no longer craving what I was addicted to!!!!"

"Thank you! I feel amazing"

"The tuning forks took me to another level! I feel like I'm floating!"

"Such a powerful experience"

"I'm not as angry as I used to be and have more patience!"

"I feel so peaceful and calm"